catching up with myself

Where does the time get to? Hours and then days and then weeks just keep rolling into each other and all of a sudden it is the middle of June. Woah!

My little business is officially 2 weeks and 1 day old today. *Hip hip hooray!!*. I am very happy with progress so far and I'm really looking forward to the coming weekend and my third market day.

I must say a BIG thank you to everyone for their ongoing support, good wishes and the enormous amount of positive feedback that I have received - both here in blog-land and in the real world - you have all been so lovely! *Thank you, thank you!!*. I appreciate every ounce of positive reinforcement. Thank you to friends who have dropped in on my stall at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston over the past 2 weeks to show support and to keep me company. And Miss Nina Ribena (of Canberra's Got Style) - you gorgeous girl! - thank you for your continued support, visit and lovely write up on my market debut :)

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