upheaval, loss & progress

In short, these three words best describe the last few days.

upheaval ||

In the short space of a week I have decided to move house. Or...to be more precise...in the short space of a week I have decided to move house, found an apartment to move into, found someone to move into my room in my current sharehouse...and started relocating. *laughs*...I enjoy a challenge!

loss ||

The week drew to a close with a good friend of my boyfriend's passing away somewhat unexpectedly. It has been a sad time for all. When things like this happen it makes you realise how short and fragile our lives really are. It has certainly prompted me to think about how I live my life and how much I should appreciate every day. I haven't yet had to deal with the loss of a close friend or relative (thankfully)...and that has left me at a loss as to how to comfort and help in times like these. I feel like I'm just flailing around at the moment...trying to be there when needed and disappear when not needed.

progress ||

To end on a lighter note, I have a few pictures to share of the earrings that I've put up in my etsy shop


etsy, etsy, etsy!!

This will only be a quick post as my lunch break is about to come to an end...but I just wanted to jump on and write very quickly that I MADE AN ETSY SHOP :) (and I'm very excited about it!!) *yippee!*

It is called hizashi, as this is the name that I have used in the past for the jewellery that I make. I have decided to keep my textile business separate from the jewellery business...and so the hizashi etsy shop has been born. I am hoping to get some more earrings made and into the shop shortly.


*real world* update

The last week has been very busy and full...as you may have guessed by my blogging absence. I have been trying to get my head around my role as manager at work and settling into a new routine. I've completed a 2 day first aid course, gleefully celebrated at two Christmas parties, made half a glass pearl necklace, set up for our graduate exhibition (which is attended by patrons tomorrow and opens on Friday evening), and worked. Busy, busy, busy.

I've just finished making and ordering some lovely MOO mini cards and stickers...which I will now wait happily for. I also managed to hunt down 10 metres of cotton/linen blend in chocolate brown which I need as panelling for my handbags...I'm feeling organised, productive and set to roll (again!)