metres of 'a'

With a little time up my sleeve and a few extra hours in the studio I made the most of having this pattern on screen and printed some extra lengths with the 40-50cm wide offcuts from previous printing endeavours.


stormy sky | colour inspiration


the second length

With a fresh container of pigment mixed and ready to go, the second length for exhibition was waiting to be printed.


colour matching

After printing the 'a' pattern repeat test in sage green on a linen off-cut and loving the result, it was necessary to colour match the pigment that I had mixed in order to have enough ink to print the actual length for exhibition
...the nitty gritty reality of the studio!


Testing the repeat

After stripping and re-emulsing the large screen that I am using - it was time to test the repeat on my second design. I have to say that I am very pleased with the result. This 'a' pattern will be the second length for Repeat Repeat.



colour mixing

A happy evening of colour mixing pigments in the studio for upcoming print projects :)


exhibition preparation

After a few more hours in the studio and a couple of test runs of my new 'f' pattern, I have printed the first length for exhibition in Repeat Repeat at Megalo Print Studio + Gallery next month.


sunny autumn morning

A brisk sunny autumn morning in Canberra - chilly but beautiful!


back in the studio

The small hiatus since my last post has been filled with much busy-ness and excitement.

We celebrated our engagement (resulting from a wonderful beach proposal in December last year) by sharing a delicious BBQ in a local national park with family and friends on a gorgeous day in late February.

Since then I have been very excited to be 'back in the studio' - designing and printing. Most recently I have been occupied on studio days with preparations of new designs for a group exhibition, Repeat Repeat, which is being curated by, and held at, Megalo Print Studio + Gallery in June 2011. The first design that I have been working on is a new 'f' pattern. This is the first test printed in red water-based pigment on organic cotton/hemp blend fabric.