good news

Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for good news seems to have done the trick. Yay!! I received a phone call this morning approving my current range (all inclusive) for the markets. I'm really excited about this weekend!

And I think I am now allowed to divulge the previously mentioned exciting news...
I have accepted a position teaching computer studies in the textiles department at Australian National University (one day a week) next semester. I'm so very excited about this prospect as well!!

So much excitement. It's hard to contain it all...onwards and upwards!


4 sleeps

I'm on the countdown to my first market day in business!

I'm still making stock - always making stock...(here are some hand-drawn earrings and pendants in the works) and I have yet to put the final finishing touches together but I'm almost ready for my big day. I'm sure there will be little bits and pieces that I'll pick up along the way but I have almost everything I need (I think)...now it's just a case of seeing how it all goes. I'm not expecting miracles for day one but if I can at least cover costs then I will be very happy.

It seems that there may be a small hiccup with the range of goods that I am allowed to sell (I'm waiting for confirmation on that) but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to receive a phone call with good news tomorrow. I can only hope!


m.i.a (missing in action) no more

Woah!! Where did the last month and a bit get to?? I cannot believe April 16th was the date of my last post. I'm sorry to have left such a giant gap between updates...but I'm back!! M.I.A no more :)

Okay. With such a huge lapse there is lots to say...so I'll try to give you the condensed dot-point version (otherwise we could be here for days!)

Study |
*yip yip yip!!* After 3 months of intensive study I am finally finished my small business management course!! And I managed to submit my business plan 2 days early. Hurrah!! It is now in the process of being approved. I should hear back within the next 2 weeks with the final verdict. I can't wait!

Birthday |
In amongst the final few crazy weeks of study I celebrated my 25th birthday. I love birthdays...and this one especially. I kept telling everyone that I was turning 'a quarter of a century'. It felt like a milestone to be enjoyed :)
I had a lovely study-free day (a luxury in itself!) and enjoyed the company and contact with friends and family. Almost 2 weeks later I'm still feeling very pampered and lucky in the birthday after-glow.

Business |
With the study finished and the business plan submitted...I anxiously await my business approval and acceptance onto the NEIS program. I'm so excited to be free from my computer (assignment-wise) and back into my creative endeavours. I've set about preparing for my first day at the Old Bus Depot Markets. I hope to have my maiden voyage on Sunday June 1st (about a week and a half from now)...*eep!!*
It is all coming together. I know it will take a little while to get into the swing of things and iron out the little bugs but I have a business! I have a registered business name, an ABN, an insurance quote, and a mobile EFTPOS terminal...all set!! Now I just can't wait to get started!

Teaching |
*squee!* I'm not sure how much information I am allowed to divulge at this stage...so I won't say too much just yet. But I wanted to share my exciting news and let you know that it looks as though I may have a teaching position coming up in the not-too-distant future. Excitement, excitement!!

I couldn't bear to post without some pics so I'll leave you with a few snaps of my packaging...almost ready for market!