ready to kick-start the week

January 21st...wow. 3 weeks of the new year have flown past...and we're heading for the fourth! (where does the time go?)

I had a busy week last week getting the GOTYA submission together by midday Thursday in order to have it couriered up to Sydney to meet the Friday deadline. Thanks to Melanie for the courier suggestion...I ended up sending it with Pack and Send (they have a branch in Canberra City)...who then send through TNT (I believe). I am very excited that I managed to get it finished and sent in time...& that I'm now officially in round 2. Thanks for all the well wishes...I'm keeping my fingers crossed as well! :)

I've uploaded a few more pieces to hizashi and spent the weekend making some more jewellery to re-stock 2 stands that I have at the gym. I managed to make enough to re-stock one of the stands...the aim this week is to re-stock the second. *Go go go~!!*


busy-ness, happy productivity and unexpected excitement

Busy-ness & Happy Productivity |

The first 2 weeks of the new year have been busy busy busy...and that's the way I like it. I've made some more jewellery that has gone up on Hizashi and I'm feeling very happy with my productiveness so far. I'm hoping to get into the graphics for Moyou shortly (in the coming weeks), and some more sewing, so that I can launch it's etsy store...but the jewellery has been keeping me happily busy for the time being.

Unexpected Excitement |

Whilst swimming at Urriara Crossing last Friday afternoon (where my phone was out of range) I missed a call and received a voice mail message from Object Gallery in Sydney. It would seem that I have been nominated by one of my uni lecturers for the National Graduate Award Exhibition. I don't know any more about it than this at this stage. I'm not sure whether there is a further selection process, or what happens from here. I am waiting until a reasonable time this morning to return the call...but I'm really excited!! Just to be nominated in the first place is astonishing :)

I have to get busy this week putting together an application for GOTYA (Design Institute of Australia NSW Graduate Award). There were 3 students from my department nominated for this award and there is an enormous further selection process! The applications are due by 5pm Friday...so I'm looking at having the concept boards couriered up to Sydney that day. Does anyone happen to know of a good courier service that I could use?


canberra's got style

A write up!! I'm super excited!!

Lisa (ninaribena) approached me earlier this week about the prospect of writing a feature about my ventures on the Canberra's Got Style blog. The article went up this morning!!

I feel so lucky!! Thanks again Lisa x.


a productive first week

Wow!!...where has the first week of the New Year disappeared to?? It's Sunday already.

Despite starting back at work last week and thinking I wouldn't have much time to create...I feel as though I've had a productive week! :) *yay yay* I had a friend visiting from Japan for most of the week...so there was lots of sightseeing and tripping around, which was nice. Added to that was 2 days back at work...and yesterday I finally had a chance to unpack (having moved house 2 weeks ago just before Christmas!) Hurray!! I'm feeling much more settled and organised now.

Between all of that busy-ness I managed to make 3 sets of gift tags and 4 pairs of earrings which are all up in my hizashi store.


a new year | a fresh start

Happy New Year everyone!! :)
Welcome to 2008.

I'm very excited. This is my first year in the *real world*...I'm optimistically full of hopes, dreams and plans. I hope some of them may reach fruition this year. What is that saying?

"Shoot for the heavens and if you fall short you may land on a star"

A little cliched...but a lovely sentiment nevertheless. Aim high and even if you fall short you will exceed your own expectations. I like that idea.

It has been a busy but wonderful festive season...and I'm more than ready to get back into my studio now. Rested, rejuvenated and ready to go!! Here are a few pics of new earrings that I have been working on.