a productive first week

Wow!!...where has the first week of the New Year disappeared to?? It's Sunday already.

Despite starting back at work last week and thinking I wouldn't have much time to create...I feel as though I've had a productive week! :) *yay yay* I had a friend visiting from Japan for most of the week...so there was lots of sightseeing and tripping around, which was nice. Added to that was 2 days back at work...and yesterday I finally had a chance to unpack (having moved house 2 weeks ago just before Christmas!) Hurray!! I'm feeling much more settled and organised now.

Between all of that busy-ness I managed to make 3 sets of gift tags and 4 pairs of earrings which are all up in my hizashi store.


Sarah said...

Time certainly flies when you're having fun doesn't it! (oh, and when you're working too!)

Can't believe you moved house the week before Christmas! Glad you're getting chance to unpack a bit now... Your thoughts in the email are all too true, I'm sure next week I will come up with a perfect plan for the 2 bags of looroll middles I just recycled...

Heres to a happy and productive 2008 xxx

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Nice work! I love how you've used cork in them.

Wendy said...

Neat! Also really like your new banner :)