ready to kick-start the week

January 21st...wow. 3 weeks of the new year have flown past...and we're heading for the fourth! (where does the time go?)

I had a busy week last week getting the GOTYA submission together by midday Thursday in order to have it couriered up to Sydney to meet the Friday deadline. Thanks to Melanie for the courier suggestion...I ended up sending it with Pack and Send (they have a branch in Canberra City)...who then send through TNT (I believe). I am very excited that I managed to get it finished and sent in time...& that I'm now officially in round 2. Thanks for all the well wishes...I'm keeping my fingers crossed as well! :)

I've uploaded a few more pieces to hizashi and spent the weekend making some more jewellery to re-stock 2 stands that I have at the gym. I managed to make enough to re-stock one of the stands...the aim this week is to re-stock the second. *Go go go~!!*

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redmag said...


I just noticed your comment over on my blog

I agree Lisa's blog is amazing - I too have been finding more and more creative people here in Canberra which is wonderful. Almost enough to have a Canberra etsy meet-up.

I'd noticed your store on etsy a little while ago - thanks to the shop local feature. Your jewellry is fantastic....I've bookmarked you now so I'll happily keep reading