fontifier | your own handwriting as a font

I'm very excited by the discovery of this website today...

Have you ever wanted to make your own handwriting into a font? I certainly have. Actually, many people have said over the years that my handwriting itself looks like a font...and now it actually is!

Fontifier is a user-friendly site with a brilliant outcome. By simply printing out the template sheet, writing your own characters on it, scanning and saving the template, and then uploading it - you can preview your handwriting as a font and purchase it (for $9USD) once you are happy.

Once paid for you can download your new font and install it for use on your Mac or PC. It is then yours to enjoy - voila!


day to day busy-ness

Hours and days and weeks just seem to keep getting shorter and shorter. Has anyone else noticed this strange phenomenon? I'm sure it is because I keep trying to cram more and more and more into my hours, days and weeks...and they are disappearing all too rapidly!

It's Tuesday again (already!). I'm half way through my week and launching into things left, right and centre. I have a new range in the works...something I have been thinking about for a long time, enquiring about for a couple of weeks and now prototyping - finger's crossed that my experimentation goes well and I just might have a new product range to unveil in a month or so.

I also have a couple of new stockist ventures in the pipes...more news to come on that front when everything is underway! :)

>> The images with this post are of a beautiful little Japanese ceramic container that I received a couple of birthdays ago from a very dear friend. It is a special little piece that lives on my desk and makes me smile. I just love it - and thought it would be nice to share.


belated congratulations

I would like to send a BIG thank you out to everyone who left a comment on my previous post for the giveaway. You've given me some wonderful ideas and great directions to pursue with my range! Thank you also for your well wishes :)

I'm sorry that it has taken me until today to post the results of my draw...but I unexpectedly had a wisdom tooth removed yesterday afternoon and that has interrupted the end to my week somewhat. Nevertheless...the results are in...and the winner is:


Congratulations! Could you please email me your address and I'll get your gift out to you as soon as possible. Thanks again!


a milestone | a giveaway

I'm excited! This is my 50th post - a milestone of sorts - and I thought I would celebrate it with my very first giveaway. Hurrah!!

A question that has been playing on my mind recently is how I would like to further expand my range. I have way too many ideas and I just don't know where to go first! So...I thought I would throw the idea out into the blog realm and see what everyone else thinks.

To be in the draw to win this lovely hand-drawn pair of earrings please leave a comment with this post in response to my ponderings - what new item/accessory would you like to see in the Moyou range??

I will draw a winner (at random) on Thursday August 14 - a week from now. The draw will take place at 12pm (midday) Australian EST.
Good luck! :)


busy times & rainy days

Today didn't start out cold or rainy but by the time my second class finished at 4pm...the drizzle had really set in. I couldn't help but think back to a day I spent indoors with friends at Tango Beach in Japan just over a year ago - that is where these images come from. 2 days with a similar feel...but a world apart.

I had a wonderful day at the Old Bus Depot Market this Sunday just gone. It was a beautiful sunny winter day and everyone seemed happy to be outdoors. I met lots of lovely new people and also caught up with some wonderful old friends - the best of both worlds! A week ago I selected my regular spot - so now I will continue to be in the same space each week. I hope this will make it easier for people to find their way back to my little stall.

Days and weeks just keep flying by as fast as ever. In between teaching, class preparation, bookkeeping, manufacturing & retailing (at the markets)...I am kept very busy. I am also on a sojourn away from home for the next 4 weeks while I house & dog sit for friends whilst they are overseas. Busy busy little bee.


a kuma debut

My little Kuma friends made a blog debut yesterday on Canberra's Got Style. The very lovely Lisa wrote a special article featuring my playful little friends - you can find it here.

Lisa has also written a fantastic feature (posted today) on the girls from Elrock. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Rochelle & Rosy last night at the Canberra Business Point July Event - a great 2 hour networking/seminar event held once a month with inspiring and informative guest speakers.

If you haven't heard of Elrock before please do check out their feature on Canberra's Got Style and/or their website. Their handbag range is fantastic :)