a milestone | a giveaway

I'm excited! This is my 50th post - a milestone of sorts - and I thought I would celebrate it with my very first giveaway. Hurrah!!

A question that has been playing on my mind recently is how I would like to further expand my range. I have way too many ideas and I just don't know where to go first! So...I thought I would throw the idea out into the blog realm and see what everyone else thinks.

To be in the draw to win this lovely hand-drawn pair of earrings please leave a comment with this post in response to my ponderings - what new item/accessory would you like to see in the Moyou range??

I will draw a winner (at random) on Thursday August 14 - a week from now. The draw will take place at 12pm (midday) Australian EST.
Good luck! :)


alixandrrraaa said...

charms to go on bracelets would be grand!!

your things are so beautiful!!

Erin said...

Hi Amy!

I don't know how realistic it is, but I'd love to see a (non-leather) cuff of some sorts. Something a little thicker/bigger than a bracelet?

Otherwise, I'd be interested to see what you could do in the way of hair accessories :o)

You're so creative - keep up the good work!!!


kirsten said...

a brooch, a brooch, a brooch!

i think your designs would translate perfectly, too.

congrats on your 50th and best of luck with the next 50.


Michelle said...

Hi! I've just found you through Canberra's Got Style! I love your Etsy store.

I'm a big fan of brooches ... so, a minature version of your wall block art as a brooch would be beautiful!

Cianni said...

For your fabrics - Various sized little bags for all the little things we treasure. Jewelery, coins and so on.

For everything else - Business card/Credit card pockets in any material but with your beautiful designs.

I would love it all.

Jo said...

I read a lot so I'd love to see what you could do with bookmarks :)

styler said...

I would love to see you make some clutch purses. i think your fabric would suit! congratulations on the 50 posts. Great to see a felow Canberran doing so well.

Nichole said...

I saw some fabulous rings made from shrink plastic on etsy, but actually i think your designs would translate well into bracelets or wrist cuffs.
Or perhaps you could find a way of combining the fabric and the acrylic. Maybe a fabric wrist cuff with an acrylic 'buckle'.
LOVE the wheat toy! Beat my plain old rectangle!