tenjiburokku | stencil four

The stencil for the fourth furoshiki design, tenjiburokku, is done - hurrah!

This design forms part of the urban series and was inspired by the yellow braille blocks which are found on many of the footpaths around Kyoto, as well as in the train and subway stations in Japan.


furoshiki design | four

The fourth furoshiki design, in what I am now calling the urban series, is nearing completion.

Below is a progress shot of the katagami cutting process - all of these stencils are cut by hand using the scalpel that you can see on the katagami in this image. It is a laborious but very satisfying process. Four years have passed since I last used this technique but I have rediscovered my love of stencil cutting since undertaking this katazome project. Such a joy!


denchuu stencil unveiled

The katagami stencil for my third furoshiki design is finished - yatta!
(yatta= Japanese for 'it's done', 'I/we did it', 'hooray!')

This design is titled denchuu (powerpole). Have you ever seen such a complex powerpole arrangement? I can't say that I've seen anything even close to resembling this in Australia - not even in the centre of our biggest cities. And this powerpole that caught my eye in Japan was just tucked away in the middle of a residential area in Kyoto.


furoshiki design | three underway

Cutting is well underway for the third furoshiki design. You can take a peek at the cutting progress below. These images were taken at the 2.5 hour mark, the 3.75 hour mark and the 4.75 hour mark.


furoshiki design | three

A sneak preview of the third furoshiki design - ready to cut.

And a detail of the drawing.



furoshiki design | two

The second furoshiki design - complete! Drawn, cut and waiting on my desk.

This design is titled densen, powerlines in Japanese (thanks to Mel for her investigative work!). Inspired by the multi-layering of powerlines criss-crossing overhead - a sight frequently seen in the densely populated cities of Japan. Just thinking about looking up and seeing this sight makes me a little nostalgic.



Slightly belated, but I still feel very lucky to have won this beautiful miki.o 'what's for dinner?' notepad in recent months. Thank you! It has made our weekly grocery shopping trip a dream - and is a good reminder to myself continually throughout the week of the meals that I have planned :)