I feel very privileged and incredibly excited to be exhibiting a body of katazome work in my first international solo exhibition at GalleryGallery in Kyoto, Japan from 23 February - 9 March 2013.

In 2011 I was mentored by GalleryGallery owner Keiko Kawashima through JUMP, the Australia Council’s national mentoring program for young and emerging artists. s. would not have been possible without Keiko's fantastic support; the wonderful DMV Consulting Award, granted by the Capital Arts Patrons' Organisation, that I received in 2011; and the invaluable 2013 Project Funding that I received from artsACT to assist with costs of mounting an international solo exhibition.

A huge thank you to all for enabling me to enhance my practice and move to the next stage of my career.

For anyone who might be in Kyoto, Japan between now and 9 March 2013 please pop in to GalleryGallery to visit s. and to say hello.

exhibition invitation for 's.'


typographic katagami stencil series

As promised, this post is a quick little snapshot overview of 4 of the 5 completed, hand-cut katagami stencils in the hiragana 's.' typographic series.

These beautiful professional photographs were taken by Andrew Sikorski of Art Atelier Photography - thank you Andrew!

hiragana 'shi'
hiragana 'su'
hiragana 'se'
hiragana 'so'