day to day busy-ness

Hours and days and weeks just seem to keep getting shorter and shorter. Has anyone else noticed this strange phenomenon? I'm sure it is because I keep trying to cram more and more and more into my hours, days and weeks...and they are disappearing all too rapidly!

It's Tuesday again (already!). I'm half way through my week and launching into things left, right and centre. I have a new range in the works...something I have been thinking about for a long time, enquiring about for a couple of weeks and now prototyping - finger's crossed that my experimentation goes well and I just might have a new product range to unveil in a month or so.

I also have a couple of new stockist ventures in the pipes...more news to come on that front when everything is underway! :)

>> The images with this post are of a beautiful little Japanese ceramic container that I received a couple of birthdays ago from a very dear friend. It is a special little piece that lives on my desk and makes me smile. I just love it - and thought it would be nice to share.

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