etsy treasury front page!

*yay yay yay!!*

I waited and waited and waited last night - for a couple of hours for the treasury to drop below 333...and pounced!! I made this treasury collection of some of my favourite green items. It's titled 'the shades and ways of green: a collection of lovely items'. I've added a screen shot to this post for when my listing expires.

Even better still...I found out that my treasury hit the front page of etsy about 2-3hours ago (7:30-8:30am EST) and had lots of wonderful wonderful comments and lovely feedback. How exciting! :)


Wendy said...

YAAY!!! Congrats!! And thanks so much for including me in your beautiful treasury.. you seriously did a great job putting it together! Would you mind emailing me the screen shot you took? :)

Hollabee said...

thanks so much! love the greens you put together, they're beautiful