new gocco cards in the works

I spent the majority of my afternoon yesterday playing with my print gocco. It was only the second time I have managed to pull it out but I do look forward to using it a little more regularly now. It's so much fun!

I printed a new range of cards and gift tags - a new pattern and a new colour. Expanding the range. I'm very happy with them :)

...and I finally worked out how everyone makes the beautiful collage pictures on their blogs thanks to a tip-off in a post by the lovely Melanie of Kimono Reincarnate - thank you!!


Wendy said...

How exciting! That color is beautiful :)

Kara said...

These are lovely!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

The prints look fabulous! I've been meaning to start playing with a gocco again, I haven't used one in years.

So glad I could help with the collage stuff ;)