tapestry symposium, LAND & Yasuko Fujino

This is a rather belated post that I have been meaning to write for a while now...and today is the day.

I mentioned in a few previous posts (a few months ago now) that I was assisting in the textiles department at ANU to unpack, label and catalogue entries for the LAND exhibition that was being held as part of the tapestry symposium 'Tapestry 2008'. A blog has been created (by the wonderful Belinda) to share information and images, and to discuss the event. I just wanted to thank Belinda (and anyone else involved) for this little snippet :) Thank you! Assisting with LAND was an amazing experience all round.

I also wanted to make mention of a fabulous Japanese tapestry artist - Yasuko Fujino. I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to assist Yasuko with her floor-talks as part of her involvement in 'The Fine Art of Tapestry Weaving'. Yasuko's English is wonderful and I am convinced that she didn't need my assistance - my Japanese is a little rusty these days - so suffice to say, her talks were fantastic!

I was completely honoured, humbled and flabbergasted when Yasuko presented me with this GORGEOUS gift at the conclusion of her second talk. This amazing tapestry was part of an exhibition called 'L'Harmas' which was held at GalleryGallery in Kyoto back in January 2007. It is part of a large series of tiny insect wings (a hundred or more I believe) - butterfly and moth - that are amazingly fine and woven on a traditional Japanese loom (usually used to weave obi's). Yasuko hand-dyes and spins all of her silk threads before she even begins weaving these intricate, delicate tapestries. Such an amazing feat!! It makes the Western concept of 'time-consuming' seem very inadequate! Needless to say, this special little work has taken pride of place on my desk and I am helplessly in love with it!!


Miss 376 said...

It definitely is amazing. A staggering amount of hours must have been involved. It's beautiful

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Lucky you! That is just divine and so special when you know all the work that has gone into it.

Cianni said...

wow... need i say more!