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Whew! Another busy week has come and gone and lots has happened—so much that I'm not sure if I can remember it all! The earlier portion of my week was full of teaching and preparation for teaching, and the latter part of my week whipped by in a flurry of making, creating, emailing, organising, updating, filling orders, placing orders and posting parcels. The usual sort of busy–ness.

Sad News |
The sad part about this week was the death of my LCD flat screen computer monitor this morning. Rest in peace dear friend. She served me well for the last 6 years—faithful little monitor—but finally shuddered and went completely black at about 10am today, and no amount of pleading, cursing or coaxing could revive her. Thankfully my flatmate has 2 monitors so I have one on loan at the moment—thank you, thank you! Suffice to say I'm off to a computer fair tomorrow in search of a new monitor companion.

Good News |
Coming soon...
I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of a couple of orders, most notably a new batch of earrings/pendants laser cut and etched in wood (as an alternative to acrylic)—I can't wait until they arrive! I'm also waiting for a new batch of business cards and an order of 100% linen tea towels, which I hope to print on before the end of the month. *yippee*. That's a small sneak peek into a few new Moyou ranges that will be coming shortly—keep watching this space! :)

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