catching up | slowing down

Thursday and Friday gave me a chance to catch up with myself and get stuck into some designing, creating & tidying but all of that ended yesterday afternoon when I came down with the start of an icky cold. Now I'm in slow down mode to try and recover quickly without getting too sick. I feel pretty lucky that I managed to make it through all of winter without getting a cold - but it finally caught up with me!

In the hours before I got sick I did manage to create three new patterns to be laser cut into a new batch of earrings - which are now on order. I'll be waiting by my letterbox for the next few weeks until they arrive. I can't wait!

I'll leave you with a couple of pics from my balcony of the beautiful day here today. With a top of 23 degrees we're certainly heading for the warmer weather and longer days. Yay!

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