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This will just be a quick post today as time keeps slipping away and I feel like I have more and more to do. Thank you for the lovely feedback on my new tea towels—I really appreciate the positive reinforcement!

This morning I spent quite a lot of time on the phone (organising various business bits and pieces), and getting my head around some freelance designing I'm currently working on (hopefully I can tell you some more about that as the project progresses)...but that is keeping me well and truly out of mischief.

Following my morning of organising, I went to go on a short business mission in my car...only to find that it had been broken into overnight so more of my day was consumed with tidying it up and reporting the break–in to the police. Thankfully nothing much was stolen (only about $0.50 in coins, would you believe!?) and they didn't manage to steal my car, even though they obviously tried. I just feel so very lucky to still have it!

On a happier note (or two):
>> The very lovely Danielle from Of Paper & Thread curated a beautiful etsy treasury listing yesterday (her first one!). Congratulations Danielle...and thanks so much for including my Alphabet-o-Graphic Screenprinted Linen Tea Towel.

>> The fabulous Julie (aka Market Girl)—wonderful organiser of Canberra's Handmade Market—wrote a lovely post about my new range on the Handmade Market blog. Please feel free to pop over and have a look :)

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