'touch of grey, brighten your day' on etsy front page

*hurrah hurrah!!*

I'd like to introduce you to 'touch of grey, brighten your day: a selection of the beautiful grey pieces that etsy has to offer'. This is an etsy treasury listing that I created on Wednesday night...and it just made it to the etsy front page :)
My guess is that it might be there until 11:00am EST but it will be listed in the treasury until Saturday 6:47pm July 12 etsy time.

I just love the treasury!!


Sarah E. said...

Congratulations, Amy! And what a lovely blog you have...Sharon B. posted about you and so I had to come see! I'll be back - love your work!

glorydaze said...

Oh yay, there is one of my bags! Thank you so much. too bad I missed it, it is so exiting to get on the front page!
Have just been doing a bit of catch up reading of your blog. your little kuma friends are adorable and I hope your business is doing well.