'a little touch of cream' hits etsy front page

*yay yay yay!!*

Please meet 'a little touch of cream: a small and beautiful selection of the cream goodies etsy has to offer'. I created this etsy treasury listing a couple of hours ago and it is on the front page of etsy as I type (10:40am EST)!!

It will be listed until Friday July 18 at 8:42am etsy time. It is such a buzz to stumble across my listing in action...happy day! :)


verobirdie said...

Welcome to the blogsphere!
I like the calm design of your blog, it is relaxing to browse through it, and inspiring too.

Anonymous said...

Hello Amy, Could you please increase the size of the font on your blog. It looks so interesting, but I take one look at that size font and say "Too hard".

Thank you,

Sue B said...

Welcome to blogland Amy! Great treasury!

Allison Ann Aller said...

There's a reason your work is on Etsy's front page...it is so elegant and contemporary. Hope your sales are good!

I would have to agree about the type font suggestion; yours looks refined and unobtrusive, but is a little hard to read.

Lucky you, getting to work with Sharon B.!
Welcome to the bloggosphere... ;-)