new kuma wheat toys | new button rings | an introduction to a new site & a lovely post...*whew!*

I have spent the majority of my day today photographing, uploading and updating. I've been busy adding new kuma wheat toys and new button rings to my etsy store and a new store that I have started with Art Flock.

The lovely Sharon, of Sharon B's: In A Minute Ago, introduced me to Art Flock a couple of days ago. It is an alternative to Etsy and is free in so far as they don't charge listing fees but commission rates start at 3.5%. It can also be used as a basic business website because you are able to upload a portfolio of work, import a blog (from elsewhere) and list current stockists/exhibitions. All good things to know! I was pretty excited by this new prospect and jumped in straight away :)

I would also like to send a BIG thank you out to Sharon for writing a lovely post about Moyou on her blog. I was really touched - thank you so much!

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ninaribena said...

oh, the little Kuma are so cute. Just wanted to let you know I had to show them off... http://canberrasgotstyle.blogspot.com/2008/07/winter-warming-thursday-kuma.html
Cheers, love Lisa x