taking things slowly (but bouncing back)

I haven't disappeared...but I've been taking things very slowly this week. I've had an icky tummy virus since Saturday night and I'm still not 100% - but I'm slowly bouncing back.

I still made it to the Old Bus Depot Markets on Sunday and had a good day - a BIG thank you to my two little helpers who arrived near closing time and packed everything up into my car for me when I wasn't feeling well.

I haven't begun 'making' for the week just yet but I'm hoping to get into a creative spurt this afternoon. Yesterday was a sick day - recovering, and this morning has been spent catching up with myself, my bookkeeping and my emails. Almost there!

(I've been thinking about Japan a lot recently...hence the jet-setting photos accompanying this post. I honestly can't wait to go back - even for a quick visit!)

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