assignments & creative urges

It's 3.18pm Tuesday and I'm feeling snowed under. I need to have 3 assignments completed by Thursday (Friday at the very very latest) and I'm still trundling through the first one. Why is it that everything always take so much longer than you anticipate?

It's tough. I'm still trying to find a balance...and with any luck I might just reach a happy compromise by the time my course is over! I'm finding that between full-time study and managing I'm not getting much of a chance to be whisked away by my creative urges...and this in turn makes me a little edgy and frustrated. It's hard to concentrate on the nitty gritty of business legalities and plans when you really want to be designing and sewing!! But this is something that I'm going to need to get used to. I'm still finding my feet with it at the moment.

Just thought I'd share a few detail shots of my handbag. Detailed pattern and stitching photos make me happy :)

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Good luck with the balancing act! It takes a while but eventually you'll find your way. I find I have to compartmenatlize (sp?) my day, business stuff in the morning, creative stuff later.

Love the detailed shots!

Thanks for the comments on my blog and the birthday wishes!