business legalities & rice fields

A strange combination, I know, but they are the two things on my mind at the moment.

Everything went very smoothly last week. I am officially engaged in pre-NEIS training (Certificate 4 in Small Business Management) and in the process of working through my first assignment. The first topic that I'm working through is 'Business & Legal Requirements'...so my mind is reeling with need-to-know facts. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be doing this because already there is so much that I hadn't considered before. What business structure will I choose? What licences or permits will I need (and there are some!)? What tax implications are there? So many things to think about! All good knowledge to be building though...and all worth the contemplation now for smooth sailing in the future.

Last Wednesday I also had my interview to be eligible as a stallholder at the Kingston Bus Depot Markets (a wonderful market that we have in Canberra each Sunday). The interview/appointment went brilliantly and I'm very excited about having a regular stall there come May (when I've had a chance to complete my studies and build some stock). Exciting times!

As for rice fields...well, Japan has been on my mind a lot again recently. I was thinking about the rice field that was in front of my home in Kyoto and how drastically it changed with the seasons. That rice field symbolizes the passage of time for me whilst I was in Japan...I arrived at harvest time and left at harvest time a year later. I saw the rice field move through autumn, winter, spring and into summer. It was beautiful.


Yuko said...

hi amy,
thank you for stopping by my blog!
love your blog, love the name too.
katazome you did in kyoto, that's amazing.
kyoto is my favorite city in japan, besides tokyo where im from.

Di said...

Hello Amy
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and for adding me as a link. I love your jewellery and wish you lots of luck with all your new ventures.

Sarah said...

Wow! Just been catching up on your blog, and congratulations!! well done on your prize, what an exciting time for you, the buisness course thing sounds really useful (wish I had access to something like that when I graduated :) ) Good luck with it all xxx

blossom creations said...

Hi Amy, thanks for the comments on my blog. It seems we have a lot in common, I grew up in Canberra (left in 2002) and spent 3 years living in Kyoto too!
Your designs are lovely. Next time I'm down in Canberra I'll look out for you at the markets :)