gocco gocco gocco

*dn dn dn dnnnn* (drumroll)

My much anticipated (and very loved) Gocco arrived last Friday (a BIG thank you to Leslie)...and after I arrived back from my weekend away I was able to play with it!! I'm SO excited (still). I just can't wait to play some more. Love love love.

My very first gocco experience was with printing some cards (which have now gone up in my etsy store) with an original design that I created as a textile pattern and manipulated to use as a graphic. All in all I must say that I'm very happy. It will still take a little more practice I think...but practicing is the fun part!! :)


Wendy said...

The cards are beautiful! Great work :)

Kaija said...

Yay! Looks wonderful! I can't wait to see what kind of magic you can do with that gocco of yours!

of paper & thread said...

How exciting! Your cards look great! Love the pattern & co-ordinating envelopes.
Gocco-ing is so much fun isn't it - quite addictive really! Can't wait to see what else you come up with :-)

Sarah said...

Hurray for gocco! Your cards look lovely :)

do-ze said...

Hi Amy,
comment from uni!!
what a beautiful cards. where can I get them?