furoshiki one | tenjiburokku

The first furoshiki is done. This furoshiki is tenjiburokku from the urban series - designed, katagami stencil cut, nori applied, dyed, fixed and washed.

Not a perfect rendition, which is always a little disappointing when so many hours have gone into the production of a piece, but I knew that the paste was too wet and hopefully I am able to take steps to ensure that this problem won't affect the next piece.

You can see in the images below that the dye lines are a little fuzzy and the density of the colour, especially in the fine lines, is not as dark as it should be in certain spots. This is because the moisture that seeped into the fabric when the nori was applied through the stencil inhibited the absorption of the dye in the next stage of the process.

The nori will need to be thicker with less moisture in the paste. The current batch of nori can possibly be resurrected by returning it to a bowl over boiling water and heating it until it re-thickens and loses some of the moisture content.

Onwards and upwards from here!

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