felt brooches & rings in the making

I have been squirreling away for the past month working on an order for a new stockist. Very exciting times!! The following images are of the combination felt & acrylic brooches & rings in progress.

Given that this order will be on it's way to it's new home tomorrow I believe that it would be appropriate to unveil this exciting new Moyou stockist...Moyou is coming to Sydney! This order is on it's way to the Art Gallery of NSW.

The Art Gallery of NSW shop will be stocking Moyou for the duration of the Hymn to beauty: the art of Utamaro exhibition (February 13-May 2) showing in the Asian gallery, ground level. I too hope to be able to make it along to see this exquisite Japanese woodblock print exhibition in the next couple of months!

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Market Girl said...

hey there, very exciting. Well done can I post it on the Handmade facebook page?