new market dates for 2010

A new year has heralded a new schedule. I would like to take a moment to let you know that there will be a slight change to Moyou's regular appearance dates at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston, Canberra this year.

Previously you could find Moyou at the Old Bus Depot Markets fortnightly, but 2010 will see Moyou attending the markets on the 1st Sunday of every month (please see the dates listed in the where is moyou next? category on the right side of the page). This will hopefully increase to twice a month in October, November & December in the lead up to Christmas - please stay tuned for confirmation of this closer to the end of the year.

Remember that aside from this regular outing at the Old Bus Depot Markets and at various other market events throughout the year, you can always reach me here on the Moyou blog, via email (amy@moyou.com.au), or by phone (0425 882 989). Looking forward to the first Moyou market date on February 7, 2010!

*This photo is an office shot...I find it difficult to post without an image - so even though this one doesn't really relate to the content of this post, I thought it was appropriate given that today is my first day back in the office :)


Posie Patchwork said...

Hi Amy Girl, it relates just fine, it's all about administration & businessy. I'll drag myself to a few OBDM this year too, only to use up credits. I'll try & time it so i can play with you too!! Love Posie

Market Girl said...

Hey Amy, of vourse we will find you at Handmade too! Any day now I will have the dates confirmed for the whole year and some other exciting news that is gonna make you smile lots!!!!