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I must apologise for my absence over the past few days. It has been a busy (and slightly interrupted) week. Busy with orders, preparations for the anticipated Christmas–rush, & with final classes & assessment preparations for university; & interrupted by a public holiday here yesterday in the ACT.

In the meanwhile a few lovely things have taken place that I would like to show you...

Modish opened their Modish Holiday Marketplace on November 1st, 2008 & I was lucky enough to have secured a place in the November Jewellery section. There are so many wonderful designers & stores to see on the Modish Marketplace in a variety of sections including jewellery, art, bags & purses, eco– friendly products, home goods, papergoods and more. You really should pop across and take a look!

And then November 2nd brought about a lovely write-up on the wonderful Esta Sketch blog. I feel so lucky to have been included in a gift guide post, with a pair of my alphabet-o etched wooden earrings being featured. Thank you!

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