I have just been reading through Melanie's blog (Kimono Reincarnate) and found myself becoming quite nostalgic for Japan. I was only there for a year...but that year will live with me forever and will perhaps play a larger role in my life than other years that have passed. That got me to thinking about the passage of time and how fickle it can seem. Isn't it funny the way that some days can last forever...while others flit past before you have a chance to blink?

It brought me around to thinking about Japan and the current season. This time last year I had been in Japan for 3 months (where did the last year slip away to??)...and autumn had really set in. It is momiji (autumn maple leaves) season over in Japan at the moment...and so I found myself flicking through my autumn photos. I wanted to share a couple: the first was taken at Fushimi-inari (the fox shrine) and the rest at Kyoumizu-dera temple, both in Kyoto.


Jenny said...

Hi and welcome to blogland. Have discovered your blog through the wonderfully talented Melanie and am looking forward to reading all about your adventures! Enjoy your time as you study is done. I LOVED the bag and fabric presentation!

mizu designs said...

hi amy! thanks for posting on my blog. i'm always happy to come across people who've had a connection with Japan or who are textile designers/printmakers. your blog is looking beautiful! i'll be back :)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks for the link!

Good luck settling back into "real life". You'll probably find that Japan will stay with you forever. I was originally here for 3 years, I went back to Australia for 4, and now I'm back here for another 3 years.

I've just added you to my blog links so I can come and visit regularly.